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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Listened to podcasts on here, watched Unsolved Mysteries 3xs. My thoughts run on...

If Josh computer was playing songs from 11:52 pm for approximately 40 minutes. Then most likely he made it back to the dorm.

Nick was out intil after 2am, and i didn't find any account for his other roommates whereabout. Means the time the couple think they saw him pass them on the bridge between 12:15am- 12:30am is incorrect.

If he did return to the dorm, most likely the entrance door wasn't locked completely when he returned. He wouldn't have any reason to promp it open, since he used his card at 11:06pm.

The blood hounds used by police statedthe dogs picked up his scent from the apartment building where the poker game,was held, and stopped in the middle of the bridge he crossed. You would think the police dogs would continue to his dorm, since he walked from it to the poker game less than an hour before he left it.

His grey hoodie he was wearing to the poker party was not in his room, but his wallet, car keys were there, and his TV in his room was on. Therefore; only having on his hoodie in November he was either being picked up in a vehicle or waiting for someone to arrive at his dorm entrance.

The question remains if he was in his dorm room listening to music how did he know the person had arrived? It would be risky for his guest to enter the dorm, they wouldn't know Nick was out and the others were probably sleeping.

The music stopped playing I believe around 12:30am? So, Josh must have stopped the music and went to the dorm entrance to meet whomever. Was it a discretly encounter or was it someone coming for a fake ID, allegedly some say Josh was making.

Police released photos of men found on his computer, most of them don't look under 20 to need fake ID. Plus the photos weren't of professional value to pass to use for identification cards.

Did Police not find photos of peoplethat allegedly Josh was making IDS for? You would think those ID photos would be released too by police, if they were found on his computer?

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Nov 10, 2022

Someone was playing music on Josh's computer, it may have been Josh. but could have been a roommate. It seems others did use his computer and I think one of the roommates was home, asleep when Nick got back. Josh could have made it back too and either the door was ajar or someone else was leaving when he got there. Nothing proves he made it back and I still think he did not If he did make it back he could have had a set time to meet someone outside. As for the couple who saw him on the bridge, that was never confirmed it was Josh. They saw someone who looked like him at around the time he may have been there, but it could have been anyone.

As for the fake ID'S, as I recall they only found some that were made for some of the roommates. No others were found nor was there any evidence he was making them for others or selling them. I should add them were made on Josh's computer, but possible someone else did them. They were pretty bad as described, so I doubt he could have sold them anyway.

I think Josh encountered someone on his way back from the party either planner or not and foul play occurred whether it was intended or accidental. I am leaning towards an unknow person that was not planned, like the folks trying to be lured into cars.



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