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Submit a Case

Simply Vanished covers unsolved missing person cases in the United States and Canada. We do not cover cases in which the cause of the disappearance is already known (such as known murders, swept away at sea, etc.). If you would like us to consider a case, please submit details, including any helpful links about the case. Please note that normally we will only produce a full investigative season about a case with the consent of the family. 


If you are a journalist, private investigator, or a member of law enforcement and are interested in collaborating regarding a missing person case, we are interested in hearing from you. Please contact us using the form below. Please note that normally we will only produce a full investigative season about a single case with the consent of the family. 

Advertise via Simply Vanished

We are proud to be exclusively represented by Authentic. If you are interested in advertising on Simply Vanished, please contact Donna Miller. Please note that we are hosted on Libsyn, an IAB-certified hosting platform. Additionally, we are registered with Podtrac and Chartable. Click here for audience demographics

Donate to Family of the Missing 

For each case that we cover, we will link to up to one official fundraiser with the family's consent. Select the case to find any such link. We do not administer these fundraisers and do not ask for any money from the families. Nor do we screen or in any way verify the use of funds by those responsible for the fundraisers.   

Donate to Simply Vanished

Josh Newville founded Trembling Leaf Media and launched Simply Vanished using his own funds. All expenses, including those for investigative purposes, are paid for privately. If you donate, the gesture and the funds will be extremely appreciated and will be used to continue our missions of bringing attention to unresolved cases and helping advance the official investigations. 

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