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About The Podcast

Simply Vanished is an investigative podcast about unsolved missing person cases.


Alternating between serial and episodic format, the show digs deep to tell the stories of people who vanished. Who were they? What may have happened to them? Why hasn't their case been solved?

Join host Josh Newville in the search for answers. Newville is a civil rights lawyer who has long been fascinated by unexplained disappearances.


Newville founded Trembling Leaf Media and launched Simply Vanished in 2022. 




Stolen Dreams

Joshua Cheney Guimond was born on June 18, 1982. An only child raised in Maple Lake, Minnesota, Josh's high school class selected him both as Class President and as Most Likely to Succeed. 


Josh attended Saint John's University, a private men's college in central Minnesota. He majored in Political Science. By his junior year, Josh was Treasurer of the Pre-Law Society and Co-Captain of the Mock Trial team.


After college, Josh planned to go to law school and work in public service - ultimately, as a political leader.


The week he vanished, Josh was gathering support to apply for the Truman Scholarship, the nation's premier scholarship for students entering public service. 


Everyone who met Josh described him as intensely focused and motivated. In a nod to his ambitions, Josh's email was


Josh's mom often lovingly joked that, one day, she would live in the west wing of Josh's mansion. 


On November 9, 2002, something happened to Josh that destroyed all of those dreams and more.


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Josh Guimond
Josh Guimond
Josh Last Walk SJU_edited.jpg

Saint John's University

Collegeville, Minnesota


~11:10 p.m., Nov. 9, 2002

Josh leaves his dorm and, along with his friends Alex and Greg, makes the five-minute walk to their friend Nate's dorm for a card party.  




I believe, based on what I’ve learned throughout my life and my experiences, that politics is people working and interacting together for some common good or purpose. I am a political person because I have worked with others and plan to continue to work with others in order to help people better their lives.


I am here at Saint John’s in order to arm myself with the necessary tools I’ll need to accomplish my goals. How it all fits together, I believe, will not be revealed until after I have graduated and start to accomplish the goals I have set forth for myself.


However, I will make the assurance that I will do my absolute best with the knowledge and skills I have and will learn in order to accomplish these goals.

- Joshua Guimond

  December 2001