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About The Podcast

Simply Vanished is an investigative podcast about unsolved missing person cases.


Alternating between serial and episodic format, the show digs deep to tell the stories of people who vanished.


Who were they? What may have happened to them? Why hasn't their case been solved?

Join hosts Josh Newville and Kathy Lee in the search for answers.

DEC 19, 2022


Suzie Escobedo

Loop Road

On August 2, 2018, a 25-year-old mother of two was alone  with her 4-month-old baby in an RV on Loop Road in Seadrift, Texas. 


Her husband reports that when he returned from work, he found the baby drinking a bottle -- but that he saw no sign of his wife. 

More than four years later, there is still no publicly known information as to what may have happened to Suzie Escobedo. 

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Suzie Escobedo


Calhoun County, Texas

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