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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Unique Trauma Obsessed
Unique Trauma Obsessed

Please help me get the word out and help Aaliyah's mother. She needs people to get the word out that her daughter has VANISHED! It's been 7 days! Benton county Tennessee is a very tiny area. Aaliyah's mother is terrified! She just wants her daughter home. @Everyone


You can find Aaliyah's mom, Alicia Laster, on tiktok here:

Benton County, Tennessee mom asks for help locating teen missing for a week

Despite multiple search efforts, Whitehead’s mother, Alicia Laster, said there was still little evidence as to what might have happened to her only daughter.

“For the last week they have questioned every neighbor – they have examined everyone who is under surveillance. Where I live there are very few people who have cameras,” Laster said. “They said they were given tips but so far nothing has turned out to be them.”

MPs continued their search by a river near Whitehead’s home on the morning of March 20. In addition, Laster said that she and her husband have searched every place in the city where their daughter may have gone and continue to distribute leaflets in nearby towns every day.

“(We’re) on the internet, posting her flyers, doing TikTok videos, anything we can do to keep her face out there,” Laster said.

As the number of days Whitehead has been missing continues to mount, so does the urgency of finding her. Shortly after she joined the search, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued a warning about children at risk, which Laster said was partly due to plummeting temperatures, which dropped below freezing on some nights.

“I know her pretty well. I feel like we’re very close, and at this point I don’t feel like she’s gone just because she wants to be gone,” Laster said. “I don’t see her going away for a week and not contacting us.”

Whitehead, who is about 5ft 1in and weighs 140lbs, with red hair and green eyes, was last seen in a tie-dye hoodie, black leggings and pink and black tennis shoes. Laster said she hopes people will continue to share flyers and information about her daughter and will contact authorities if they see anything, “even if you’re not sure if it could be Aaliyah.”

She also shared a message for her daughter.

“Aaliyah, if you’re listening right now, please know that we love you dearly and we want you to come home,” Laster said. “Everything can be sorted out if you just come home. Your brothers need you. Your father and I need you and we miss you.”

If you have any information as to Whitehead’s whereabouts, you are urged to call the Benton County Sheriff’s Office at 731-584-4632 or TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

Unique Trauma Obsessed
Unknown member
Mar 23, 2023

Hi there. I'm so sorry and I hope she is found soon, safe and well. I'm not American, I'm in Australia. I will pass on to my American friends to share on Facebook. Sending love and light.



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