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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I want to compliment the hosts on an excellent podcast, which is clearly the product of a lot of hard work, thoughtful planning, and caring about this case. It's a first rate production and I think it's both helpful and respectful that the family is involved. I've had a chance to catch up on all of the episodes and the comments here, and I have a few questions and comments.

We've heard from (or about) four individuals - i.e., "Anthony," "Jeremy," "Zack," and "Kyle" - who claim to have had some form of contact with individuals who may have been intent on committing harm. After listening to these accounts, I have serious doubts about two of the stories (i.e., Anthony's and Jeremy's) and questions about whether it's reasonable to believe the other two are connected.

Of course I understand that the hosts (and others) know far more about these stories than I do and I'm not casting aspersions on anyone's journalism or professionalism in sharing them. Rather, if we're going to get to the truth, we have to ask some difficult and uncomfortable questions. I hope my discussion below is taken in that spirit.

I am curious about the verification procedures that were used and any corroborating evidence. Also, have these stories been run by any detectives or other authorities who have experience dealing with witnesses? I wonder what an experienced investigator would think about what I consider the more problematic aspects of Anthony's and Jeremy's accounts.

For example, in Anthony's case, I have doubts about everything from the ruse to get him in the truck (I'd think the average college male response would be "so your friend got hurt by that bridge, ... got it, cool story bro', have a good night"), to the miraculous escape (he gets out a truck crowded with four other dudes who are intent on causing him immediate harm and he successfully evades them in the woods, ... all while quite intoxicated, ... and these guys were disorganized enough to let him jump out but organized enough to get their flashlights?), to the profile of the assailants (four random guys preying on drunk male college students for sexual purposes sounds like a horror story concocted by Fox News rather than anything I can recall from an actual case). It's also the absence of information - e.g., we don't have a description (other than size, in one case) of any of these alleged perpetrators. Not race, not hair color, not clothing, not anything any one of them said. I'd expect to at least hear something like "the one guy had a man bun" or "one was wearing a Vikings jersey" or "one guy smelled like Jagermeister." Yet we don't get any of that. We just get "not students" in one case and "big" in another case. I'd love to know if there are any more details. Perhaps the hosts will let us know.

Look, I want to keep an open mind especially because I haven't heard the full accounts firsthand. I'm only poking at this story (and Jeremy's, which seems even more difficult to swallow) based on what I've heard in this podcast. I could go on and on about other aspects of the stories that don't seem right, but I don't feel that's constructive right now given my limited information. I'm wondering if the hosts can shed any more light on these accounts for us because I think it's important to have more information to rule them in, rule them out, or (more likely) remain undecided.

I want to close with a quick thought experiment. What if I'm wrong about all of the above? What if Anthony and Jeremy are being truthful and what occurred with Zack and Kyle are connected to Guimond's disappearance? A thought immediately occurs to me that I want to socialize for further discussion. Here we have four individuals who, despite frightening close calls, managed to escape without a scratch (except maybe Zack - we don't know). This occurs in a college town among young men. Anyone see where I'm going with this? If these stories are true, I wonder if it could be some local dudes or perhaps students from other schools, messing with drunk college guys. The "pay for the ride" line, the truck stalking Kyle, and other aspects of these stories start leading me in that direction - yes, along with the somewhat unlikely getaways. Want to take it a step further? If this kind of thing is going on, what are the chances that Guimond could have been fatally injured trying to get away rather than after being caught?

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