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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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  1. A very good friend last saw him on the walking path leaving the party. Last known sighting.

  2. The people on the bridge did not know him, he may not have ever made it to the bridge.

  3. Do we know if the garbage bags with extra large women shoes, and skirt we’re ever examined for DNA evidence and was anything significant found?

  4. on a cold icy night in MN you tend to be looking down so you do not slip and fall which could cause you to be more vulnerable to someone approaching you.

  5. when someone wants to leave a party and gives an excuse, could you politely pretend you need to be somewhere? Or, if you run out of money and just get bored, or was he still worried about some type of threat from his online interactions that caused him to delete his account and wanted to just not be out that night? Bottom line, was it his typical behavior to leave a party on his own? (those who knew him can answer this.). My guess is no.

  6. There is no proof he had set up a meeting to meet someone. There is proof that men were stalking and actively abducting around there at the.time.

  7. Did anyone else leaving the party that night see any suspicious vehicles?

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