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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Has anyone considered the idea that maybe Josh was trying to bait these sexual perpetrators on campus, similar to what you see on Dateline?

I didn't know Josh personally, I graduated before he attended SJU. However, it seems he was a very intelligent individual. What's intriguing is that he was interested in researching the sexual abuse cases with the monks on campus. Then you have the computer history with the Yahoo personal chat rooms, where (according to computer history) he posed both as a male and female. If he was really researching this, maybe he got compulsive to the point where he really wanted to expose them, and hatched a plan to try catch them red handss. That would explain why he tried to clear his computer history prior to his disappearance. That would also explain why he posed as both a women and a man on Yahoo (because there are both gay and straight allegations at SJU over the years). Could Josh have been casting a big net to try and catch a big fish? Then somehow the plan went south, Josh disappears. Shortly after, someone tries to wipe his computer. Outside of Josh and his roommates, there are lots of ways the monks could have access to that room. They'd also have access to all the students' class schedules, and would know exactly when to access that computer undetected to erase the evidence. Could it even be possible that Josh had has his mark well before that night, but at some point his mark was able to figure out his scheme (again, by accessing his computer)? Maybe Josh was keeping an electronic diary of this scheme, and some how he got made. Where to look? Look for Monks/Priests who have had past sexual allegations, are also tech savvy, possibly someone who has worked for campus IT. It would not be hard for someone with administrative IT access to spy on a computer on campus. Maybe Josh had already established a connection, but at some point got made through casual IT spying. Then once he got made, his plan turned upside on him. Once someone figured out what he was up to, regardless of whether or not that connection continued, the perpetrator knew that if Josh continued, he could bring down the entire monestary at some point. Obviously just a theory, but it's a theory I have not heard of yet, and would connect a lot of the dots.

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