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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I believe that everyone should get together and we should do an intensive walk for Josh. One: I find it really weird that the dog was unwelcome and people were no longer welcome on property when scent was sniffed out. The reason I think this is weird, I went on a ride-along awhile back as I am a Criminal Justice Student, and the deputy had his dog with, and the dog was more than welcome to come in with the Deputy. Granted, we only went into the dome wear the deputy's dog could walk around.

Two: Josh, may have been on chat sites, but also some people could have made fake chat site profiles and came into contact with him and set him up in order for Josh to meet them somewhere, and that could be a possibility to his disappearance.

Three: Were all surrounding woods searched? or rivers/creeks that connect with the lakes?

Four: Also, when these witnesses are saying that there are four people involved in a pickup truck, the more I think of it the more I think that these people were chatting with Josh on the yahoo chatroom or webcams whole time and set Josh up.

Five: These are just the thoughts that have been going throughout my head the last five years that I have been looking into this case.

Six: At the time of Josh's friends being in the dorm and his computer being cleaned out, were there any strangers in the room that had met with him and had asked him to leave?

SEVEN: Was Danny Heinrich ever considered to be a suspect or investigated in this case?

ADD: Also, did Stearns County ever investigate the people who were around the ages of 20-25 that were in Jail around this time for Criminal Sexual Conduct?

Brett Haugen
lyne wall-Slechta

You make a good point re Josh being "catfished" in some way by a fake profile. When I listened to the computer forensics, which I thought was another quite ground breaking aspect of the investigation by this podcast, I speculated that Josh going to some sort of planned hook up or chat-room arranged assignation the night he vanished was a possibility.



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