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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Did Josh have a cellphone? I couldnt find information if he did. Secondly, on Unsolved Mysteries, it stated that a couple believed they passed Josh between 12:15-12:30am, as he headed over the bridge to return to his dorm, and they didn't see another person or vehicle pass them. If that time is accurate, how is it explained that his music was playing on his computer from 11:52pm for approximately 40 minutes? Was someone waiting for him to return and on his computer? It cannot be ruled be out since a few days after he disappeared someone downloaded a software scrubber onto his computer in his room while everyonesearched for him. If he did make it back to his room, he didn't use his access card, how did he gain access? And also; his eyeglasses, contact lenses and wallet, and keys were left in his room. I couldn't find info if the outwear he was seen in last was also left in his room? These poessions can suggest he did return to his dorm after the party but gained access without his card. Leaving his poessions behind in his room and disappearing suggest he was either meeting someone at the at the dorm entrance, or that person was already in the building and forced josh to go with them.

Lynn Christopherson


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