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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I have a timeline question I need help with. Someone last week brought up an interesting talking point about the Autumn time change possibly factoring into altering the timeline that Saturday night in November. This person thought the clocks were turned back one hour on the night Josh disappeared. Another person did some research and found out the time change actually happened the weekend before. Here's my question: Does the fact that Josh was listening to a music program on his PC in his dorm room and skipping songs at around 11:52pm possibly make sense if you take out the fact that he "badged in" to his dorm at 11:06pm? I don't think everyone at the party had the time wrong that he left, but could the electronic time stamp on the dorm entry system be wrong due to the time change or some other reason? Maybe it was often wrong due to power outages or bad software?

Joshua Newville


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