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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I attended St. John's University in the Fall of 1999 and transferred to another school in Minnesota in the Spring of 2000. I am an attorney now and have been obsessive about Josh's case since I read about it in 2002. I realized very quickly that what happened to Josh very easily could have happened to me while at St. John's, if I had stayed. I was a political science major and Josh and I would have run in the same circles.

After episode 4, I keep thinking about the men who were approaching or attempting to kidnap college aged men in vehicles might be connected to St. John's, but not in the way most people think. Based on research, we know that St. John's had a history of allowing priests with sexual abuse of minors reside on campus. I also remember reading allegations that priests sexually abused children at the prep school on campus for decades. In my experience as an attorney representing both child victims and perpetrators of sexual violence, child victims sometimes turn into abusers themselves. Could these men have been abused at St. John's? Could they have attended St. John's preparatory school at some point?

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