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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Josh, thank you for all your hard work and emotional investment into researching and sharing about Josh G's case. I do have one question I'd like to throw out to the group. Do we know whether Josh was actually playing poker at this party? People who were there stated he got up from the table (?) without saying anything, so they assumed he just went to the bathroom and was planning to come back. But, if you're actively playing poker, you'd have money in front of you that you'd pick up and stuff in your pocket if you were intending to leave, or chips you needed to cash in. It would be impossible to just get up from the table and leave unless you stated you were "out" or cashing out. Or, maybe he lost all his money – maybe a lot of money – and felt kind of sick about it, so he decided to leave. It seems to me the people at the party that night could at least clear up this question. It might provide some clarification as to whether he left quietly because he was upset/despondent (lost all his money), or because he was in a hurry to meet someone (picked up all his money or cashed in his chips).

Sa Laio
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Nov 20, 2022

I recall back when Josh disappeared it was reported that Josh wasn't actively playing cards and that he didn't stay at the party very long. He also didn't know the other people very well besides the friends he went with. My memories have likely faded but that piece of information stuck with me all these years.



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