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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I just got caught up last night on all the episodes. I have to say this is one of the best podcasts I have listened to based on how clear and concise, your integrity to the investigation, and you searching out the untold stories of what was going on in the area back in that time frame. I listen to a lot of True Crime Podcasts and I appreciate you explaining things to the listeners in a concise and clear way. I also like your website. Informative and professionally done. I started listening to podcasts back when Missing Maura Murray came out. Also Payne Lindsey‘s, Up and Vanished.

I am from the Twin Cities area and my oldest son is Joshua‘s age and was looking into St. John’s for college. A lot of his friends went to that school. The man that sent the nasty comments about you revealing Joshua’s computer search history was in the minority. I really try and put myself in his parents situation and after raising my children I think we gain a “nothing surprises me” attitude. With the beginning of cell phones and computers back in that day, anything is possible. I also think many men and women are exploring their sexuality at that age and social media just heightened that. It is much more talked about now and accepted. Lets also remember that whatever Joshua did or didn’t do is okay - he is the victim. His parents are not to blame! There needs to be a safe place for all of this to be talked about.

Thanks for all you are doing! I followed Chris Jenkins case and purchased his mothers book after her struggles and fight with the Minneapolis police department. I still consider her a friend and follow her on social media. That whole thing was a nightmare! He is a victim and his family did the right thing in their fight for him. Just like Joshua’s parents are doing.

I look forward to following your podcast and future cases!


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Sean Lathrop
Lisa Gibson
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Aug 29, 2022

Hi Cheri, Thank you for the kind words.

I very agree that Brian, Lisa, Steve, and Jan deserve our respect, sensitivity, and admiration. Their perseverance and willingness to fight for answers in the face of unimaginable loss takes unbelievable strength.



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