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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Hi everyone, I just binged the podcast today. I'm wondering if anyone knows what Brian is talking about in episode 7 when he describes how someone is helping him 'track Josh's movements.' He says their method can be described as "remote directional locating." I tried to google that phrase and came up with nothing. Is he talking about remote viewing? Or something completely different? Just curious to know more about what angle he's pursuing.

On a related but slightly different note, I was interested to hear that the only sighting of Josh was in Las Vegas. I was listening to the Disappearances episode on Phoenix Coldon the other day and there was also reportedly a very credible sighting of her on a plane from Las Vegas. With her case the human trafficking theory seemed kind of plausible to me so Josh also reportedly being seen in the same place piqued my interest.

Anyway I'm getting jumpy so it's probably time for me to take a true crime podcast break...

Sandyccf Maloney

Yes the FBI uses remote viewers and they are real , special training . Seems that Unsolved Mysteries did not want to elaborate but there is a lot of information on the subject . ....texting is not conducive to explain it but it does exist and used .



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