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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I was searching and found this post in a blog

» Josh crosses the intersection to the left of Stumpf Lake onto the main campus; observed by group of eyewitnesses crossing culvert in direction of bus stop on exit route to I-94.

» Josh walks in direction of his apartment in Maur House (42); no further witnesses.

I noted this is different from the simulation in the Unsolved Mysteries episode, that has the couple turning to the left after crossing with Josh (assuming that it was him). If they were walking in a straight line, and he was not there when they look back, it means for certain that he was not walking in a straight line and almost certain that he had not turned to the left, otherwise, he would still be in sight.

If he had turn to the right, the question would be if he took a 45 degree angle in the direction of his apartment or a 90 degree angle to the border of the lake.

I don't believe the drown theory and I think he went back to his door room. But what boggles me is the searching dog thing. If he had take the normal path to the apartment, Why the first dog couldn't trace his scent back? Or was the second dog right and he did walk to the border of the lake before going to his apartment? And if the second dog was really right, then Josh was near the Abbey after leaving his apartment?

Toni Burns
Matthew Lassegard
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Dec 02, 2022

I rewatched the netflix epidose, and the officer has said that the first dog also traced to the border of the lake. So both dogs traced to the lake. I just can't believe this is just coincidence. I believe he walked near the lake after leaving the party for some reason, but he did not drown or entered the water.

Well, no wonder why the drown theory was the main line of investigation in the beginning. Can't blame them.



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