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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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A few lingering questions I have, mostly sparked by episode 3:

Regarding the deleted computer files, are there any specifics about approximately how long after Josh’s uncle has checked his mail/searched Amber alerts, etc. that the washer software and zip programs were installed? Was it just a couple minutes, an hour? Ie., was there realistically enough time for another user to access the computer?

Does anyone have access to the keycard entry data in the timeframe in which the files were deleted? If so, did any campus administrators or other individuals access the townhouse during that timeframe?

Lastly, at one point in the podcast Josh makes reference to a rock in the door (to prop the main townhouse door open). There are also other former SJU students who have mentioned ways of ensuring doors could be opened without keycards. have any of Josh’s former roommates or friends mentioned whether this was something commonly done at Josh’s townhouse in particular?

Matthew Lassegard
Patty (Joe’s Mom)


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