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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Hi Josh

The podcast is amazing and insightful. I have been very intrigued by these type of cases since the Chris Jenkins case

A couple things from the podcast and timeline that I find interesting

40 minutes is a short amount of time to be at a card party.Was Josh meeting somebody?

Who else has access and keys to dorm rooms in a College campus? Security, facility personnel and janitorial staff,all of which work late into the night.Did any staff members quit or relocate shortly after Josh’s dissappearance?

You also make mention of a building/house with a door left open and a furnace room open on the night of the disappearance.I find that to be a very strange detail and a place where Josh could have been taken or perhaps told to meet someone there .Would you happen to know where that area is in relation to the map?

Lynn Christopherson
Nova Scotia


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