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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Great podcast, very well done. I binged the entire thing last night and will go back and listen to it again very shortly.

I have a weird incident that took place - probably of no relevance but feel compelled to share it anyway. Please reach out if you want to hear more and we'd be happy to share any details we can.

I attended St. Johns in 1998-1999. A friend and I were on campus in a computer lab and were approached by a guy asking us to duct tape him to a tree. He held a bag that appeared to hold rope and tape....we quickly declined, left, and reported the incident to Life Safety. It was extremely sketchy and out of place.

There are details that can be filled in, but the above is the gist of the interaction. Happy to share more if interested.

Sandyccf Maloney
Lisa Gibson
 Stacy Wolbeck
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Aug 29, 2022

Thank you, Rick. Looking forward to connecting in the next couple of weeks.



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