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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I looked up the architectural description of Saint Maur House and had a few questions. If I understand correctly, Maur House was set up like a row of townhouses. The bottom floor consisted of a communal living space including the kitchen, living room, and a half bath. Then a 'scissor-style' staircase went from the ground floor to three floors with two private rooms on either side. I found this information from the architect's website portfolio and can post it if anyone is interested. Here are some questions I have concerning this set up and a few more questions about the key card:

- Would each resident have a key card for the front door, and then an additional key for the room? Or were both the communal front door and the individual private room door assigned to one key card (I went to college from 2004-2008 and recall some dorms having one key card for multiple entrances).

- How did Josh usually carry his key card? If he had two keys - one for the communal front door, and one for his individual room, were both of these keys missing from his room and wallet? I was the kind of nerd who carried her keycard on a lanyard around her neck and would sometimes leave other things like my purse and car keys behind if I was just stepping out of my dorm or running to the dining hall.

- Was Josh's SJU ID/Meal Card left behind in his dorm room?

- Were these townhouses secure enough that people would leave their individual doors open when leaving?

- Were all of the inhabitants of that townhouse absent at the time that Josh went missing? Maybe I understood this incorrectly, but it sounded like two roommates went with Josh to the card/poker party while Nick was visiting Katie. Did anyone who lived in that townhouse stay behind that night?

I ask some of these questions because the business about the computer skipping songs drives me absolutely crazy. I'd love to have keycard data on everyone who lived in that townhouse that night.

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