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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I finished all the Simply Vanished podcasts and my thoughts about if Josh made it back to his dorm and was playing music on his computer around 11:52pm has changed. In one podcast it is revealed students in josh dorm used his computer, his uncle and dad were on his computer for days after his disappearance, therefore; it is reasonable to conclude Josh's computer wasn't secure before and after his disappearance.

It was a roommate after Josh disappeared thatlogged onto Josh's computer, so his dad and uncle could access web mail. However, both uncle and dad stated they aren't tech savvy and did not install the hard drive scrubber.

Josh never swiped his accesscard returning from the poker party, something he did do around 11:06pm, to retrieve something before again heading to the party with two friends.

Josh deleted the yahoo account and software on or around October 28th, therefore whomever he was meeting most likely was someone on campus and arranged the meet up not through yahoo. Josh didn't have a cellphone, so this meeting was done in person chat or by telephone.

Josh left the poker game without a word to the two friends he came to the party with, this could suggest he was discretly meeting someone. Why show up to a party with friends, and then leave about 30 minutes later without a word to anyone and head back to the dorm?

A couple claims to have passed someone of Josh's description shortly after midnight, as Josh started walking over the bridge, the couple stated to police they didn't see anyone else or any vehicles. The couple stated that they turned back shortly after seeing Josh, but there was no one in their sight. If you look at the bridge, its very short, and lwould be less than a minute walk over it.

Josh never swiped to gain access to the dorm after the party, he left poessions in his room, which to me suggests he didn'tenter the dorm, if he was meeting someone, or was jumped and grabbed it was done in the parking lot. On the right side just after you walk over the bridge to his dorm is a large parking lot,Josh most likely would have walked through this parking lot as a quick way to get to his dorm.

So, my two theories is Josh left the poker party shortly after getting there because he was meeting someone at his dorm for midnight. Whomever it was, they were waiting close to the entrance or in the parkinglot to see Josh before he swiped his card.

Second theory, the podcasts revealed thst there was attempted abductions of college guys before Josh disappeared. Perhaps Josh became a victim to these abductors, and or, he was doing snooping around to find out who was behind these abduction attempts and identified them.

I would ask of @Joshua Newville if any of your guests on the podcasts that spoke to you about their abduction attempts, if they knew Josh, or did they ever speak to Josh about their incident?

Lynn Christopherson


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