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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Edit: I just looked up Scot’s case, it was 2006. My apologies for the error!

Just wanted to say thank you for bringing attention back to this case!! The episodes so far are very informative and thorough. At the time of Josh’s disappearance, I was in my sophomore year at nearby St. Cloud State University (SCSU). There were so many weird rumors surrounding the case, I recall it being so bizarre yet fascinating. Where did this guy go?? People don’t just vanish. A couple of years after the disappearance of Josh, we had our own missing persons case at SCSU. It was a guy named Scott Radel. Same old story; he was out drinking with his friends and then left the bar on foot on a freezing cold, I believe it was February, night. Nobody had any idea what happened to him or the details surrounding his disappearance. Fortunately for Scott’s family, there was closure when his body was found later that Spring in the Mississippi River. I wanna say it was in 2004? It was brushed off as another “young male drank too much alcohol, became disoriented while trying to walk home, then just ended up in the river!”

I know if that were my family member, that explanation would not be good enough.

So, again, thank you for putting a spotlight back onto Josh’s case! I’m praying for his family and I’m hoping for some sort of closure for them.

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