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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Alicia Northenscold
Alicia Northenscold

I finally finished the podcasts and the watched the Unsolved Mysteries episode. The recent increase in social media posts and conversations between friends, sure brings back feelings from 20 years ago when this all first began to unfold.

As I watched the Unsolved Mystery episode tonight, the thought passed through my mind that one of the monks or a faculty member at SJU could be responsible for wiping the computer. If they knew that everyone was out searching for Josh throughout the daylight hours and they had access to the room, they could have been the ones to get there and do what they did. They would have the people who would have the knowledge to perform that activity on a computer, more so than the general public who was not very computer savvy yet.

The pictures of the men could have been from Josh researching the allegations that had him so upset and it could have been part of the paper he was writing. For the allegations to have just surfaced and the computer activity to have just begun, it could be something.

Or with the dog following his scent to the Abbey, the sexual scandals that had taken place, the recent breakup, and the searching/exploring sexuality - he could very well be another victim of abuse from the monks and the faculty.

Josh didn't fall into that lake. He has been around water his entire life, he knows what to do around it.

Someone unbeknownst to him took him and did something to him. Whether it was someone from the community or someone from the school is what needs to be figured out.

I pray they will find the answers needed, its been too long.

Kody Bosch
Patty (Joe’s Mom)
Anthony Wright
Unknown member
Oct 30, 2022

I had this same thought about the computer. If he had found one of them on that site, then reported them, they wouldn't want anyone to find that info on his computer. It makes a lot of sense.



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