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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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So many things that happened at St Johns are sexual in nature,the abuse,the scandal,decades of cover ups. I am simply letting the evidence guide me and the connection between what Josh was searching/involved with on his computer and the new information from the Podcast 6 interview with Patrick Marker really sheds light on how bad it was and still is to this day

I feel as if we are going to find the truth we have to decide if the evidence points to a sexually motivated crime?And if sexually motivated where would that most likely happen?I think it would be fair to say on campus with all of the predators correct?Or off campus but still involving someone from the campus? I know we can’t say for sure,but just based on evidence so far it seems more likely then random abduction to me. I also cannot believe that some of the same credibly accused monks that were around when Josh disappeared are still allowed to be on campus(at least the ones that haven’t been sent away or hidden)

I am at 1 percent on the drowning theory.

I am curious to hear everyones opinion now that we have heard episode 6

The computer evidence is rock solid and in my personal opinion a real bombshell piece of actual forensic evidence that ties a bow around the sexual component that we now know are proven facts and cannot be ignored. I sure wish we knew who Josh was talking with for 27 minutes and I hope every angle is being exhausted to find out

i simply cannot say that a smileyface/abductor type theory holds as much weight as an active sex abuse scandal

The more I hear about this secret society (above the law) type behavior the more the stars align for me that this place that is supposed to be so beautiful is based on lust and lies.

Could it be that Josh Guimond with all of his knowledge and political aspirations.A person highly skilled with his experience in mock trial and a strong sense of always wanting to do right was silenced?

My last question is how much circumstantial evidence is needed in order for a missing persons case to be viewed as an abduction,and would that classification change the tune of this investigation?

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