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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I may have just missed this but I can't tell whether cadaver dogs were used in the search for Josh, all I can find for sure is that search dogs were used. The reason I find this relevant is because in the first season of the podcast Someone Knows Something there's an investigation of a boy who went missing near a lake in 1972. Despite the search taking place 44 years after his disappearance cadaver dogs were able to pick up on human remains in the lake which the investigators believe belong to the missing boy (due to the condition of the bottom of the lake divers could not recover the remains). The dogs first picked up on the scent at the lake in the fall and that winter about 20 holes were drilled in the ice and three separate cadaver dogs hit on the same hole. I don't necessarily think Josh is in any of the lakes around campus but if his remains are anywhere around campus a cadaver dog would still be capable of picking up on it 20 years later whether it was in the lake or buried up to 15 feet.

Circling back to the lake where the boy's remains are assumed to be located. Divers first searched the lake with limited visibility when the boy went missing and didn't find him, during the 2016 search divers again didn't find any remains but discovered that the bottom of the lake was actually much deeper than anyone realized. Debris and sediment had collected in the lake and created a false bottom, when they used poles and drills they found that the lake was something like 20 feet deeper than they previously thought. The investigators surmised that they boy had fallen in the lake, drowned, and either his body did not posses enough gas to raise him to the surface or he was caught on the debris in the lake and eventually his remains ended up in the actual bottom of the lake. I have no knowledge about the condition of the lake under the bridge Josh was last detected but if the lake was analyzed like it was in the Someone Knows Something investigation a cadaver dog could potentially determine if Josh's last known location was on the bridge or in the lake.

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