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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I’m only on episode 4…. Could he have been using the chats to find and catch the perpetrator in the other incidents in the area? Might explain why he reported someone to yahoo? any record of anonymous reports to police from the day that he was on the phone for half an hour and deleted his yahoo accounts?

The Internet was a different place back then. A friend of mine asked me to create a fake aol account, and to go in the chats as a gay man, to try to talk to his boyfriend. He wanted to see if his boyfriend would try to meet up with me in person….. if I went missing and they found those chats, that would have been quite a red herring when I’m a straight girl….. just saying…. He sounds like he Might have been trying to solve the crimes, not really hook up with anyone at all.

Deann Henry
Patty (Joe’s Mom)
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Nov 05, 2022

This is an excellent point! Maybe the “research” he was conducting for his paper was just simply the Yahoo accounts he created…hence the reason why law enforcement determined there was no evidence of any research paper.



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