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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I was a freshmen at CSB in the fall of 2002. Josh's disappearance definitely altered my college experience. with Josh’s yahoo activity have you ever questioned that maybe he wasn’t questioning his sexuality at all but got caught messing with the wrong person or people. it was pretty common place to pretend to be older or younger or more attractive. Maybe josh took it too far and when the other party found out they freaked out and that’s what forced Josh to report some misconduct? Maybe the other party knew how to find him. Maybe the other party was extremely tech savvy at the time? have you or the family reached out to yahoo to see if more info is available?

I’m fascinated with this case and feel like as a student during that time I would’ve known more of what was going on. I remember the searches taking place and the recommendations to travel from place to place with a group or buddy. But thats all I remember. Thank you Josh for doing this work. I hope this will result in some answers.

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