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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Josh's computer has been analyzied from top to bottom for years. It could be possible that Josh went with someone he met in person, and not in an online chat room

"....Aubrey Immelman, a psychology professor who specializes in crimes research at CSB/SJU said he believes otherwise.

He said circumstantial evidence indicates Guimond may have been abducted and that foul play should not be ruled out.

Based on his research, Immelman said Guimond had worked at SJU’s former video store.

Source Behindthepinecurtain

My own opinion is Josh left the poker gathering without good byes because he was meeting someone secretily. My belief Josh felt comfortable going with someone he knew, perhaps they have met before. Someone who frequent or lived on campus.

The video store is located in the Sexton common building, not far from the Abbey. Perhaps Josh visited this area prior or the night he disappeared, why the blood hounds picked up his scent behind the Abbey.

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Nov 21, 2023

I'd have to go back and re-read Immelman's profiling and analysis, but my recollection is he was not aware of / did not account for the information about Josh's exploration of his sexuality, and his use of online chat rooms.



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