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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I’m very familiar with Josh’s case, having researched every media article or story I could find on his disappearance a few years ago. I’m impressed with the information Josh and his podcast contributors have disclosed publicly for the first time. I and many others appreciate the fresh attention to Josh Guimond’s case as well as the advancement of the investigation. Well done! Hats off as well to Justin Tholl and the work he continues to do with production of the documentary.

There are a few things I would like to bring up. First, after reading about Josh’s case I finally had a chance to visit the campus in 2018 and walk across the Watab Causeway. My first impression was then as it is today - no way did Josh fall off the bridge and into the water and drown, and then disappear. The concrete wall is 42” tall and about 36” wide. Could he have been walking on the wall and fell in? Sure. But even then falling into the water and disappearing forever is extremely unlikely.

Second - and I’m just speculating here, I’ve always wondered if Josh had made arrangements to meet with someone that night and things went wrong. I wondered if he was experimenting sexually and kept that hidden from others. I still wonder about him leaving his glasses back at the apartment. Was he conscious about his looks in particular that night, or was that just an ordinary thing for him to do-leave his apartment without his glasses? Thanks to the podcast, we now know more about Josh‘a online activity and that it’s very possible he was set to meet someone that night. It would explain him leaving the party after a relatively short time there, and seemingly not announcing his leaving.

Third, knowing that Josh was impersonating a female in online chat rooms, I wonder if he had arranged to meet a male and that male was surprised to learn that Josh was not a female? Again, speculating here, but such a meeting would likely have been arranged on campus since Josh’s car was still parked there. But it also suggests the person who would have been expecting to be meeting a woman was unaware that SJU was a male-only campus. Perhaps the would-be unknown man was not from the immediate area? Or maybe he just didn’t know about the campus? Perhaps it’s more likely that Josh had arranged to meet a man that night?

It is interesting to learn about the possibilities of there being a group of four young men in a vehicle involved. I tend to think if 4 young men were involved in Josh’s disappearance that they were fairly local. I‘m also skeptical of four people, if they killed Josh accidentally or intentionally, of being capable of keeping a secret for 20 years.

A pair of men seeking a young male victim seems more plausible. If operating as a team they would likely be fairly organized. They would also be more inclined to travel further to look for a victim than a larger group of younger men would be. Given the location of SJU on the west side of St. Cloud I would speculate the men would be more likely to come from Fargo, Morehead, or Alexandria than from the Twin Cities area.

I found interesting KyleJay68’s post about the time of the badge entry system potentially being off by an hour due to the end of daylight savings time. I had previously speculated that such a scenario could explain the time stamp of music being played on Josh’s computer. I’ve often wondered about the (approximately) 11:00 pm badge swipe that Josh reportedly made. Why would be swipe his badge on the way to the Metten Court party? Was it a necessary step to leave the apartment? Did he leave for a minute to go get someone else? Did he forget something and went back?

KyleJay68’s suggestion, if not already cleared by law enforcement, could indicate that Josh actually did return to his apartment around midnight. But then what?

Again, just speculating some possibilities. I’m looking forward to the next episodes!

Joshua Newville


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