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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Chris Jenkins and Micheal Noll go missing around the same time. I might be missing something but what was the reasoning behind ruling them out as possible relations to this case? Unsolved didn’t really go into detail on that.

Pontiac Sunfire. They spoke with the owner? Who was the guy that ran out of the car? Did they verify and clear? How soon after making contact with the owner was the car “destroyed” and why?

Admittedly I haven’t listened to the podcast yet and maybe this is all explained there but Unsolved Mysteries had some holes. Just sayin’.

 Stacy Wolbeck
Unknown member
Oct 31, 2022

Michael Noll’s body was found in the Chippewa River in my hometown of Eau Claire. He had been drinking a lot that night and had entered an elderly woman’s home before apparently trying to swim across the Chippewa River.

Chris Jenkins’ body was found in the river near St. Paul. I believe he was last seen in the bar where his girlfriend worked, although she was not working the night he disappeared. Chris was murdered and his case remains unsolved.

Some people speculate there is a Smiley Face killer going around killing young students like these. However, the common denominators in these cases are typically alcohol and bodies of water. There are some suspicious disappearances and deaths though.



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