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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I watched the unsolved mystery episode for a second time last night and I am really glad to see Stearns county is shedding new light on this case and actually seem to be trying for the lack of better words(Thank you again Josh for this podcast,I feel like there is real traction in this case)

I do not think Katie or Nick were involved

Bad timing yes,but not involved.I see 2 kids that have been tormented by this for 20 years and wear emotional scars forever

This brings me back to the sex scandal.Lets not forget the monks also had access to the room whenever they wanted it and some lived in the buildings with the students,even some that had been credibly accused! Josh was Irate about the cover up and he was digging,what he unsurfaced likely led to his disappearance.

Several people mention a research paper,and guess what is conveniently missing.It was washed away.A chilling comment by Josh’s mother regarding the campus and said if they had anything to do with my boys disapppearance they will never find him.They are to secretive.

Lastly Patrick Marker from behind the pine curtain made a comment and said this campus could not afford another scandal

I still believeJosh uncovered information in his research that he couldn’t unsee and it pissed him off so he kept at it until he was silenced



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