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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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For Josh's computer was being used as 11:52 without a keycard record, I may have a explantation. Nick state that Josh account was 2h-3h in idle when he arrived, wich concides with the time stamp of the music being listen, so I'm assuming that in fact was Josh using the computer, since he left the party at approximatelly that hour.

Now, remember that Josh was the last one that used the keycard at the dormroom at 11:06, wich was after he left the dormroom with his friends. What if he had returned to the dormroom not because he forgot something, but to deliberately leave the dormroom door open, or semiclosed? That would imply that he knew he would get back at the dorm. And would imply that he did not wanted that key card acess to be recorded, wich would imply... that he may have something to do with his own disapearement?

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Nov 01, 2022

The police officer also stated that the TV was on when he arrived in his room. Another indication that he was there after he left the party. The music stopped as 12:32. That means he was there for at least 40 minutes, and since the room was in a normal state, I presumed he has left the party to... listen to music and watch TV? Then he disappeared? Was he waiting for something? Man, this case is so creepy.



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