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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Heartbreaking. But I am so grateful to you for doing such a tremendous job investigating this case. I don't know what your plans are for the ensuing segments, but I'm assuming you know (and please forgive me if you mentioned this already), that one of the monk's rooms was sealed off and searched by the police after this man died. What were they looking for? Also, some of us still have questions about the condition in which this monk was found when he died. Will we ever get any semblance of truth from the abbey about anything pertaining to Joshua's disappearance? I will never forgive Sanner & company as well as the abbot for the condescending and dismissive way they treated the Guimond family. I still believe it's possible there is someone on that campus -- a staff member or someone in that monastery, who may know more. You probably already know about Patrick Wall, who was called "the fixer" to handle sexual abuse crimes committed by the monks. On the other hand, now that I know about these young men who were stalked, it makes me wonder if Joshua was abducted. Was Chris Jenkins abducted by the same creatures who were hunting down young men? It is absolutely unacceptable - and disgusting -- that Stearn's County did not alert the community to the fact that young men were being stalked. Secrets and lies, all in the name of preserving the reputation of St. John's -- which apparently has a history of sexual abuse going back decades. Sounds like sheriff Sanner may have had some conflict of interest too when it came to telling the truth. He certainly did a less than stellar job with the Wetterling case, to the point of ruining an innocent man's life. I'll stop here. Thank you so very much for everything you're doing. Your podcast is outstanding!!

Kenna Whitehead
Sonshine Tres


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