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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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My curiosity got the best of me and I finally made a trip to the campus to get a feel for the entire layout in relation to where Josh was that evening

I made a couple observations

  1. The bridge area crossing Stump lake is not very long …seems very unlikely that anything took place in that spot(falling in or abduction)

  2. The bus stop turn around area is right there, you can see the bridge crossing stump which is 350 feet away(bus stop area seems like it might have some sort of activity on a Saturday night,people waiting for or getting off the bus?An area an abductor would avoid for reasons of being seen

  3. The parking lot areas on the other side of stump lake, are a whole different ball game. Someone could easily be pursued in those areas

  4. Fruit farm road is right past the bus stop and literally takes you out into a very rural area.Lot of farms an orchard..I did not expect that,I thought it was a one way in one way out situation..I will be honest Fruit farm road gave me the chills and is so accessible in the route Josh was taking home that evening.Initially I was thinking an abductor would have headed for 94 but after driving a few miles down Fruit Farm Rd it gave me a different perspective

  5. Hearing the newest podcast and the couple that was walking on that same Road with the car that stopped and they had to basically run and hide..that is creepy!

Matthew Lassegard
lyne wall-Slechta
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Oct 07, 2022

campus has changed quite a bit in twenty years. Used to walk what became fruit farm road often in the dark walking toward AVON. Always felt safe there.



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