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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Thank you so much for this podcast. As a male who grew up here in the upper midwest, and am close in age to many of those that have gone missing. I'm not one that bought into the "smiley face killers" theory, but I'm having a hard time divorcing the facts that you've brought to light with this case against those cases that were grouped together under that common term. My early childhood best friend was one of those people that were linked early on as potentially being a victim. It's likely his was due to drinking, but as this link states, he was known to be afraid of water. The fact that two men were seen trying to catch a ride away from the scene, one with injuries is suspicious also.

And that just keeps reminding me of all these stories that you've brought forward about these groups of men attempting to prey on college aged men around St. John's around the time of Josh's disappearance. Maybe all the deaths aren't linked directly to "the smiley face killers" or "the dealers of death", but there are definitely correlations between a lot of these cases. Maybe it just appears that way because people were able to see the similarities as the internet became more and more integrated into our everyday lives and that information was readily available. Maybe there's deep seated resentment from certain groups of townies versus college men. Maybe it's just crimes of opportunity/robberies gone bad? I have no idea. But I hope these deaths can be resolved, and the missing brought home to their families finally.

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