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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I am curious to hear a little more about the events leading up to the abduction of Josh as most of the discussion has been about the night of or after, and about other individuals and their accounts or experiences.

The 2 week period before he went missing is the timeframe I am particularly interested in. If some sort of meeting was planned it likely happened over the internet/chat room ,etc. did those events that happened on the 28th lead to his disappearance? I think based on what I have heard so far it holds more and more weight….. and then mysteriously after Josh goes missing his computer history is deleted/scrubbed?Points to a someone who remained on campus trying to hide something correct?

Did the paper he was working on contain names of certain individuals and has that information been shared?

The key to the disappearance of Josh Guimond lies within the walls of St Johns campus.

The names and allegations of the 18 monks had already been released by this time correct,so wasn’t most of the damage in that regard already done….or did Josh know more?

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Catherine Anderson

Well, we know that Josh was spending a lot of time talking online. We also know that something spooked him online and caused him to delete his account and report a user for violating the chat program's terms of service - within minutes of ending a 27-min phone call to an unidentified number. We know that he had his grandparents visit for family weekend a few weekends before. We know that he was generally going to class and participating in mock trial stuff. We know that he was socializing and keeping up with news/politics, and sporting events. And (and I'm planning on addressing this in Ep 7 or 8) we know that Josh had a mock trial tournament in St. Paul the weekend before his disappearance. That's about it. I'm hoping to have some good conversations with some more of his friends and roommates to get further information.

I agree that the deletion activity points to someone trying to hide something, but it's not clear whether their motive for doing so was necessarily nefarious.

We don't know for certain that Josh was working on a paper. His professors were not aware of that and we've found no evidence of it on the computer. As I mention in Ep6, there's a decent possibility that Josh had every intention of writing one in the future, perhaps for a senior capstone class or something.

The names that are currently on the MN Transparency Initiative website were not all released at the time of Josh's disappearance. For example, files for McDonald and Wollmering had not yet been made public. Furthermore, there are definitely a lot more monks and lay personnel who have been credibly accused of misconduct than have been released through that outlet.

Still, I am not sure that the key to solving what happened to Josh lies within the walls of SJU. There's way too much evidence of strange men in the area who were targeting other college men in the same weeks as Josh's disappearance. That said, there were plenty of men who were also preying on young men within the walls of SJU. The difference being that the evidence we have on the latter group is, so far, entirely nonviolent and sexual.



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