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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I am curious to hear a little more about the events leading up to the abduction of Josh as most of the discussion has been about the night of or after, and about other individuals and their accounts or experiences.

The 2 week period before he went missing is the timeframe I am particularly interested in. If some sort of meeting was planned it likely happened over the internet/chat room ,etc. did those events that happened on the 28th lead to his disappearance? I think based on what I have heard so far it holds more and more weight….. and then mysteriously after Josh goes missing his computer history is deleted/scrubbed?Points to a someone who remained on campus trying to hide something correct?

Did the paper he was working on contain names of certain individuals and has that information been shared?

The key to the disappearance of Josh Guimond lies within the walls of St Johns campus.

The names and allegations of the 18 monks had already been released by this time correct,so wasn’t most of the damage in that regard already done….or did Josh know more?

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