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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I am trying to find information discussed previously and it's difficult to know where these questions were previously asked. First, I'm not sure how accurate or factual this timeline is, but chronologically it helps me piece the puzzle together.

Second- when I look at his day overall there are two facts I cannot understand: a) why did Josh at 3:46 check the college movie station page, then right after that step out of his dorm and key back in at 3:57? (11 minutes) Was he planning to go to a movie that night alone or did he step out and discuss going to the movie with someone? What else could he have stepped out for? I don't know where I would find out how late the movies were playing that night. B)I'm wondering why at 4:54p he does a search for the movie Brewster's Millions. It leads me to believe someone was discussing movies with him. Maybe going to movies. c) If this timeline is correct, he was also looking at temporary work in his area. I'm wondering if he was thinking about work over winter break back in his hometown. This is one reason I'm hesitant to think he was planning his own disappearance. I wouldn't think he would waste time doing this search. Last, I found this thought written by Nate: see page 42.



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