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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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I just watched the Unsolved Mysteries episode and I have SO many questions...

Regarding Nick, I would imagine that this avenue has been explored but it’s suspicious. That unaccounted for time after leaving Katie’s place…that’s a LOT of time to have on your hands considering the small size of the campus itself. Why wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to clear your name and help find your best friend? Why agree to the polygraph and then change your mind? His body language while discussing ”false positives” and the state of his relationship with Katie was off to me personally. Also, interesting that the police did not clearly say that Nick wasn’t a person of interest in this episode while it was being discussed.

Regarding the police, NOT taking Josh’s computer and hard drive immediately after it was clear Josh wasn’t coming back is probably one of the biggest missed opportunities in this case that I’ve heard. Who is to say that Nick isn’t the one who washed the computer? He would be the only person in those immediate days to have free and unlimited access to that computer. If it were someone else who came in and did it, wouldn’t Nick have known who was in his apartment? They clearly noted that the computer had been washed in the days after his disappearance and that Josh’s father took the computer a couple of weeks afterwards if I remember right. I know in the podcast it was noted that Josh’s father and uncle were staying in his room and could have been the ones to wash it. I highly doubt they would have been the ones to wash it. Being just a year or so younger than Josh, I can confidently say that at that time our parents had no idea when it came to computers and technology and what their children were doing on there or what could be done.

Just left with lots of questions and no answers…I really hope to see this case solved some day.

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