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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Hi everyone, I've been following this case loosely the last several years or so and have recently jumped back in following all the fantastic new focus and evidence (like this brilliant podcast - thank you for shedding light on Josh's case).

I watched the unsolved mysteries episode tonight and was wondering if you were going to dive into any more details around Josh's close friends, particularly Nick. I hate doing this, but after the episode I have to say something there definitely seems "off". I know he has been through a lot and maybe it's unfair to do this here, but the fact that he was into Katie, they (Josh and Nick) may have been arguing close to the time of his disappearance, he refused to take a polygraph (I know they are not very reliable but it was more so his explanation/reasoning that seemed off to me "not wanting a false positive"), and that there was a discrepancy in when Nick said he left Katie's that night vs what Katie said all is enough imo to warrant a further deep dive (which I'm guessing has already happened and we're just not privy to it).

I'm not sure if you plan to discuss different specific persons of interest (and whether or not he even is an official person of interest at this point in time!) but I wanted to throw that out there. I also was wondering if it's ever been confirmed/asked if Nick had a car on campus at the time of Josh's disappearance? Reason being one other individual in your discussion board recently talked about the bus schedules between campuses - if Nick did indeed leave Katie's at 2:30 like he said, he would've had to have drove as the busses were no longer running (they stopped at 2). If he didn't have a car, then that leans more toward Katie being accurate and/or there would be an opportunity to confirm Nick's timeline via a third party that gave him a ride. Like I said, I am sure they looked into this but just throwing it out there!

I look forward to further episodes and hearing more about additional leads!

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