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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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So far, what does your gut tell you is the most likely explanation for Josh's disappearance?

  • accident of some sort caused by Josh

  • accident of some sort caused by another person

  • abduction via planned meeting by known person

  • abduction via planned meeting by unknown person

Membre inconnu
27 oct. 2022

As someone who has lived within an hour of SJU my entire life, born and raised Catholic, I was very aware of the priest molestation news that was very prominent not just at the campus, but all over Minnesota and across the country. That being said when I heard about Josh my immediate belief was that something happened on campus related to the monestary. It seemed like a no-brainer and I was shocked that wasn't the explanation. The other thing i remember from back then is being upset that certain areas were not thoroughly search, at least not initially. My thought was that the investigators dropped the ball and it led to someone having extra time to cover up any tracks or evidence. In fact there was a rumor going around for awhile that perhaps an incinerator on campus was used to get rid of evidence.



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