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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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If Josh was taken by someone I personally think it would be someone familiar with the area. I remember in one episode it discussed a certain Monk leaving the weekend following Joshs disappearance. It was a Bruce Wollmering. Now I’ve done more digging and this particular monk was a listed monk with a history of sexual abuse. This monk was working as an active staff member and counselor to students he was not secluded and separated from the students. On this website it says “The files show that Wollmering received a psychological diagnosis in 2004 of “sexual disorder with compulsive and exploitive behaviors.” A St. John’s student reported in 2006 that Wollmering bragged to him that he had 300 “sexual partners’

On this page it discusses a student athlete bringing allegations against him where the misconduct started the Fall of 2002 and continued into 2003.

A profiler did a profile on the abductor of Josh but it was withheld as described here

Then I found this website, scroll toward the middle it’s just past the map of St Johns, and it is the profile of the abductor done by the profiler.

I thought the profile was very likely describing a monk. toward the bottom of the profile it says the person will leave shortly after but return once the dust settles and feels safe to return.

It wasn’t until April 2011 St Johns listed publicly this monk as a sexual perpetrator.

This shows an interesting time line of his history He suspiciously dies in 2006. The Stearns County Sheriffs detectives takes his stuff?? Why would his stuff be taken? Normally if someone just dies Sheriffs detectives don’t come to their house to take items unless they are looking into a case or have a warrant?? What was found?? If you’re a known perpetrator it’s highly likely you’ll have stuff on your computer of incriminating info.

More documents regarding this monk here it states he drank and gambled in the company of students and mentioned he questioned if a male student wore lipstick.

Maybe the bag “Mary” found was a monks items

Now I’m not saying this particular monk did it. But I think it’s important to look at everything and the above gives a good time period of what was occurring before during and after in regards to JUST ONE monk and what St Johns was doing/not doing as well. It shows the secrecy of a very tight community that’s secluded and controlled only by themselves. Maybe the monks had nothing to do with his disappearance but it doesn’t negate the fact St Johns has harbored known abusers and shielded them from scrutiny to protect the organization. The history is now coming out because of his disappearance. Sadly as I write this now I realize he’s casting a giant magnifying glass on the sexual abuse with the monks (which is great) but it’s not from him directly it’s unfortunately because of his disappearance when he was planning on doing it, according to SV, all along.

I don’t think he would have been taken just because he was planning on exposing something. It would have had to be a major bombshell. I think it was someone he knew unexpected encounter or a planned meet up.

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Nov 28, 2022

I definitely feel you are on the right track. I didn’t have all the information you have. But have always thought the monks and St. John’s is responsible. St johns is a huge money maker for that town. Law enforcement’s hands are tied because if that. So sad, not sure how officers stay with that department.



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