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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Two questions/theories to discuss here:

Firstly: Has anybody ever discussed the theory that, perhaps, Josh may have known whomever he ran into while in the Yahoo!Personals chatrooms? Perhaps someone that didn't want to be 'found out'?

I remember in the podcast that there were 4 options: 1) He had an expected encounter with a stranger, 2) He had an unexpected encounter with a stranger, 3) He had an expected encounter with someone he knew, and 4) He had an unexpected encounter with someone he knew.

Let's say that Josh was experimenting with his sexuality. Is it that hard to believe that he may have run into some closeted homophobe, and they happened to at least know of each other (like being in classes together)? Is it hard to believe that maybe they wanted to keep him quiet, and had malicious intent?

We know that he had something happen in late October, that caused him to report a member, and delete the Yahoo!Personals app from his computer. Perhaps, he and this person revealed who they were to each other, and this person threatened him to stay quiet about this encounter. If I were in Josh's shoes, I would've done the same. Reported the member, and deleted the app (at least, for a little while).

Maybe this person's been watching him, trying to get a moment where Josh is alone, and confront him. I'm convinced that this moment was on the bridge. Josh has an unexpected encounter with this person, is possibly convinced to get into a car (presumably to talk it out? This could've been how Josh saw it), and then Josh is gone.

Secondly: Given the close proximity that SJU is to St. Joseph, and, by extension, Jacob Wetterling's abduction, has anyone ever considered that Danny Heinrich a suspect? Obviously, he wasn't arrested for the Wetterling murder until 2016, and was walking around free, in the area, at the time of Josh's abduction.

Again, it's just a thought. It just seems weird to me that they didn't consider him a possible avenue after his arrest.

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