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Season 1: Joshua Guimond

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Good day everyone, I recently watched the episode about Josh and immediately listened to all the episodes of the podcast. One of the most interesting podcasts, I must say.

I don't have a theory about where Josh is, but I would like to write a few things here, like this, from some of my thoughts. My question is, was Josh also abused by the monks? Maybe that was the reason for breaking up with Katie, maybe that was the reason why he created a female profile on the Internet. Maybe he wasn't attracted to men. Very often in cases of sexual abuse, the victims blame themselves and begin to question their sexuality. "Am I maybe gay"? I'm writing this because I've seen a lot of cases where victims testify and this question often comes up. Somewhere in the podcast it was said that Josh's colleague was also abused by a monk and then years later became an abuser himself in St.John. Am I right? It wouldn't surprise me if the team in the car that was stalking other students was actually stalking kids for monks. In the style of not being a victim, I'll get you someone to abuse instead of me... Or they themselves were abused and became abusers themselves. In St. John, it was normal and everyone kept quiet about it. I know it sounds incredible, but as I said, such scenarios have already been seen in cases of sexual abuse. I also think that what happened to Josh will only be revealed when someone speaks up.



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